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PREORDER: Signed Special Edition of That First Flight

PREORDER: Signed Special Edition of That First Flight

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Something tells me that nothing I do can stop myself from falling for my roommate.

I’ve always wanted to be a chef.

But the same day two pink lines showed up on the test, was the day I gave up chasing my own dreams to put my daughter first.

I didn’t expect that to lead to a life of being scrutinized by my parents for every single move I made.

After years of it, I was done.

I caught the first flight to New York. I was already filled with nerves before we even took off until a stranger with an infectious smile, heartbreaker blue eyes and a personality that can light up anyone's life, took the seat next to me.

Months later, the same man shows up at my bar in a small town in the mountains. This time he’s eager to learn more about me.

I thought telling him I have a daughter would make him run back home, except now I find myself as his new roommate in the city.

I told myself I wasn’t going to get involved with him.
I told myself that I’m here to live out my dream of being a chef.
But somewhere along the way, he stole my heart.
And if I had to take a guess… It was back when we took that first flight.

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