Meet Jenn McMahon

From avid romance reader and book blogger to diving head first into writing her own romance novels. Jenn McMahon has become obsessed with writing romance that makes you blush and swoon and giggle through the pages.

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"Five waffles with funfetti stars!”

“McMahon’s debut novel packs a heartwarming punch filled with all the spice, and DADDY being nice…and dirty. She knocked it out of Central Park. Five waffles with funfetti stars!”
— USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Trilina Pucci

    "All the Stars for this Debut"

    "The way Jenn wrote this story, completely sucked me in from chapter one until the very last chapter. I just couldn't put it down if I tried. I laughed. I cried. I blushed. It was everything."
    - Jaclyn H.

    "I didn't think anything could top book one."

    "My most anticipated read absolutely DELIVERED!!! I was so impressed by the growth from the first to the second. This was everything a fake dating romance should be."
    - Jessica P.

    "Oliver Ford is a SWOON FEST!"

    "I devoured this book! Hands down my favorite book in the series. I laughed. I cried. I smiled so hard at the best friend group. I kicked my feet in excitement at the relationship between Oliver and Macey as well as Oliver and Mackenzie. This book is everything."

    -Rachael C.

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That First Night - Extended Epilogue

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That First Flight - Bonus Scene

Looking for a tad more spice from Oliver and Macey? Download this bonus scene for a fun photo shoot Oliver planned. Click Here.

Trigger Warnings

Please note that triggers may contain spoilers to the book.

* death of a parent(s) (off page)
* child abandonment
* grandparent with terminal cancer


* child abandonment (off page)
* talk of loss from cancer
* death of a parent (off page)
* mention of teen pregnancy (past)
* talk of struggling with depression and anxiety
* mentions of dealing with narcissistic & controlling parents
* death of a parent (off page)

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