That First Night: A Spicy Single Dad, Billionaire Romance

That First Night: A Spicy Single Dad, Billionaire Romance

She's my nanny. She's here for my son.
She can never be anything more than that.

My new boss is a CEO Billionaire who hired me to be a nanny for his son.

This should have been easy for me considering my experience with children. Except the man I’m working for is Thomas Ford. A man I never thought I would see again, especially not 5 years later.

Now, I live in his penthouse in the city.

I refuse to cross the line because one, he’s my boss and two, I don’t do relationships anymore.

It’s hard to deny this man when his touch lights my body on fire. I told myself I wouldn’t risk losing my job by giving into temptation but all it takes is one night in his kitchen and I am done for.

But who am I kidding? I was a goner that first night.

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The more she talks, the more I am curious about who I am about to meet and his story. James is only 3 years old, so his dad’s grumpiness can’t be related to the fact that his mom is not in the picture.

I turn my gaze to see James still playing on the playground and find myself staring at him for a moment. Whoever his dad is, he must really be a superhero daddy because I can tell from the small interaction with him that he’s such a great kid. Kids are a direct reflection on the parenting they receive. So, whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right and I applaud him for that.

“Oh, perfect timing, he’s walking up now,” she says.

I remove my gaze from James on the playground to turn around in the direction Emiline is looking, to get a look at James’ dad.

I swear, my world stops at that moment and I’m pretty sure my jaw is sitting on the grass.

It’s… him, I say to myself.

My one-night stand, if you want to even call it that. More like the most epic orgasm from the hottest man I have ever met in my entire life. No joke. Since that night, I haven’t had an orgasm of that magnitude or even a relationship for that matter.

Please don’t tell me this is happening right now.

He's wearing a pair of dark wash jeans and a solid black t-shirt. It's a simple outfit, yet he still looks like he belongs on the cover of GQ Magazine. He’s got the faintest amount of scruff on his jawline that’s perfectly cut and shaped. His hair is longer and a little more rugged looking than the last time I saw him, but he’s still the finest specimen I have seen. I can tell he still hasn’t missed a day at the gym since becoming a dad.

Then a realization hits me.

Since becoming a dad.

What are the chances that he recognizes me? I’m sure he has given half the women of New York City epic orgasms. There is no way in hell he will remember our little finger bang session in the dark hallway. Right? There’s no way. Fuuucckkkk.

“DADDDDYYY!!” I hear James scream, breaking me out of my trance. How long was I staring at him, exactly?

James jumps off the monkey bars and runs full speed to where his dad is walking towards us. He has yet to lift his head to notice us standing here. He shifts his eyes up from the ground to James and opens his arms wide for a big bear hug.

“Monkey!” he says to his son. That voice. That damn, deep raspy voice I remember so vividly like it was yesterday. Hearing it again sends chills down my spine.

“Come meet me new friend, Daddy! She’s not related to a football player and she’s so cool that she has two first names!” He jumps up and down. “Two first names, Daddy!!”

It’s at that moment, he turns his gaze to look in the direction of his sister and me. Finding my eyes, he stops dead in his tracks while James tries to pull him towards us. His mouth slightly spreads apart like he just saw a ghost. If looks could start a fire, consider me completely engulfed in flames.

The last time I saw this man, we were in the hallway of a venue where he gave me the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life with just his fingers. I was in the bathroom getting washed up from that… experience, when the fire alarms started blaring overhead. A fire broke out in the kitchen and spread like crazy. I managed to find Kali as soon as I walked out of the bathroom, and she pulled me to the closest open door without looking back. We knew we had to get out of there before the mob of people all tried getting out of one door at the same time. If I could picture it, it was probably worse than Walmart on Black Friday when the doors open at 5am.

He breaks out of his trance from where he was standing and continues walking towards us. His deep blue eyes, that match James’, never leave my eyes.

When he reaches us, he stops directly in front of me, hand in hand with his son, but doesn’t even acknowledge Emiline standing right next to me.

We both stare at each other silently.

“What the hell took you so long?” Emiline’s voice breaks our spell.

“I got stuck on the call,” he answers Emiline’s question, but his eyes are locked on mine. “I’m sorry it took me so long to find you guys.”

I don’t see it, but I can feel Emiline’s eyes bouncing between Thomas and me, questioning the fact that we are staring at each other with such intensity. His gaze is burning a hole through me the longer we stand here. I can’t even find the breath to say hello. He beats me to it, breaking our silence, and the word that comes out of him is the last thing I expected.


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